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Why work with Nel?

As a qualified facilitator, I am all-round and internationally well-experienced. My work methods are structured yet creative. As your facilitator I am reliable, to-the-point and social.


I will hand you the tools and methods that are required for a constructive process to achieve the goal of your workshop.


Are you about to start a new project?   As your facilitator, I will guide your multi-functional team through the kick-off of this project. During a one or two-day workshop, we identify the goal of the project, the members of the team, determine the stake holders, the possible risks and action points. Below a selection […]

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With over 40 creativity techniques, I will facilitate your team in a most creative and effective way to generate ideas during creativity sessions. Ideas for new products or services, marketing plans, solutions on technical issues or cost-savings proposals. In addition, I monitor the selection of ideas and formulate the following steps that need to be […]

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In order to achieve synergy, you will require a well-functioning team. I facilitate workshops where different team members have the opportunity to get to know each other, where there is room for possible conflicts to be resolved and to determine the common goal of the team. We use teambuilding activities and team tests (Belbin) to […]

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Other type of sessions

Other types of sessions are for example Personal Growth, Co-creation, Networking, Strategy, etc. If for example there are changes to a company due to different reasons, such as merger, reorganisation or repositioning, it is impossible to switch over to a complete  new model overnight. During a strategy session, you will first determine the fundamental components, […]

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Lego Serious Play

The Lego Serious Play method is an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance.

Conference closure with Lego Serious Play

We used the Lego Serious Play method at the closure of the Bridge2Food 11th Food Proteins Course 2016  with 100 scientists to facilitate them to stay connected with each other after the Conference. 99% of the participants had never heard about the Lego Serious Play method, and were happy learn about this new method. This […]

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Lego Serious Play; How plastic elephants transform into a symbol of Respect

“These are only plastic bricks!” our trainer Michel Cloosterman shouts at us whilst we are in a fierce discussion about the next move of our team. We are all facilitators in Day 4 of our facilitation training for the Lego Serious Play method. And although we are not a real team, the method does make […]

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Career planning using Lego Serious Play

“I want an employer who allows me to ‘fly away’ now and then”; is how one of the participants sees her future career. A team of trainees joined a Lego Serious Play workshop at the LEF Future Center of Rijkswaterstaat (NL). It delivered great insights into their personal career growth path as well as they […]

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I belong to a multitude of networks with colleagues and companies in the area of facilitation and training.

The Facilitator Diva’s

As accomplished facilitators, we facilitate your workshops with success. Together with Antoinette Middeldorp, we are the Facilitator Divas. With each our own area of expertise, we offer you an integrated package to shape your meetings in order to achieve optimal results. For every thinkable issue, we are able to offer a customised package of intervention […]

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Your Facilitator

Together with my fellow facilitators, we are ‘Your Facilitator’. Every single one of us is qualified and available to look after a professional facilitation of your meeting. We are experienced facilitators, who can facilitate a wide range of workshops. Our valuable experience will make you save time and money on preparations, the execution and completion […]

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LEF Future Center

The LEF Future Center Rijkswaterstaat is specialised in creating breakthroughs and new mindsets in regards to social issues. From its unique Future Center group sessions, LEF facilitates mostly assignments from different authorities. This organisation hires me regularly to facilitate various workshops. LEF is a candy store for facilitators, it enables you to create workshop areas, […]

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8 tips to get people moving in meetings

  These 8 tips show how to get people moving in meetings and gives insights how this relates to team dynamics and leadership styles. The 8 tips are written from my role a facilitator point of view. Tip 1 – Stand up for opening and closure This tip is the easiest one. At introduction, ask […]

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10 tips to do introduction rounds

  As a facilitator it is my responsibility to properly start a meeting. One of the things to do is the introduction round. On the one hand nobody seems to like it, because they don’t like to be in the middle of the attention and sometimes they are so occupied with ‘what to say’ that […]

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A new tool to prioritize ideas in brainstorms

Recently I facilitated a workshop with students working in the Disruptive Design Studio of Unilever R&D Vlaardingen (NL). Their assignment was to think of a new product. While designing the brainstorm we thought of a new tool to prioritize ideas. This tool worked well and looked fantastic too; we called it ‘the Spiderweb’. Let me […]

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Next to facilitation I designed a number of training based on practice. All of them are highly interactive, hands-on learning by doing.

Projectmanagement training

Project Management in 5 easy & effective  steps applied to your project.

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Creativity training

Creativity as the key source of ideas or as the foundation of your corporate culture.

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Other training

Next to Facilitation Skills, Project Management and Creativity training, I offer a selection of training opportunities developed from practice to be applied to your daily practice: Make your meetings interactie and fun Communication skills Presentation skills Time management

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