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Lego Serious Play; How plastic elephants transform into a symbol of Respect

“These are only plastic bricks!” our trainer Michel Cloosterman shouts at us whilst we are in a fierce discussion about the next move of our team. We are all facilitators in Day 4 of our facilitation training for the Lego Serious Play method. And although we are not a real team, the method does make us feel like a team; with energy, expertise, some tension and for sure a lot of fun.

“Hands on the bricks! Let your intuition guide you”.

Our trainer calls out “Hands on the brick!” with every model we make with the Lego bricks. My models are simple but colourful and I do notice that during the building process miraculously each Lego brick does get it’s own meaning, and the model as a collection of ‘random’ bricks turns into a metaphore. Like the 2 elephants are a metaphore for the Respect we have for the other person’s knowledge and expertise; we even make a bow! We stand high on blue bricks signifying our expertise, of which the middle brick is transparant, meaning we wish to share with others.

Using the Lego Serious Play method

Back into the real world, I want to tell all my clients about this fantastic Lego Serious Play method; how it can build your team and how it can give insight into your company’s culture and ways of working. The Lego Serious Play method can be used for a multitude of types of workshops.


If  you want to know how the Lego Serious Play method can be used in your workshop; then let’s build the program together (with ‘Hands on the bricks’ of course!). Give me a call +31 (0) 6 10171412 or an email

P.S.: The Elephant Respect model is made by Willianne Bovens.


Michel Cloosterman

Business Coach / International Trainer & Facilitator LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

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