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Rabobank – “How could we apply Lego Serious Play?”

The Service Design team of Rabobank in Utrecht wanted to know more about Lego Serious Play and how it can be used in facilitating creative processes.

The 1,5 hour programme contained 2 exercises on how to build models with Lego Serious Play. First, the 20160920_163404participants built a model that described “Which part of your work gives you energy?” followed by a model that illustrated “A demanding query from a customer, which I am currently dealing with”.

Next, the attendees were asked to build a bridge between the 2 models using more plastic bricks: “What part of the demanding query of your client gives you energy? Or; if this query only drains you, how far does this issue stand from your own energy?”. By asking these few questions, the majority of the participants gained a better understanding in how they approach their job and which part of their role is energising and which isn’t.


When the group was asked “What did you think of the workshop and how will you apply this?”, this was their respons:

  • I can use this information at interviews with clients
  • We can use this technique for troubleshooting
  • It leads to more understanding
  • It enables you to show your vulnerability with a model, which is not directly linked to your personal you
  • It allows you to improve your listening skills
  • The models made it easier to visualise the assignment



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