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The 6 competencies of facilitators visualized using Lego Serious Play method

This article shows how the 6 core competencies of a facilitator are visualized using the Lego Serious Play method. The 6 competencies are part of the IAF – International Association of Facilitators assessment process.

At the Lego Serious Play day of 23 May 2017 at Eindhoven (The Netherlands) I facilitated a workshop to share the 6 competencies with participants who are all Lego Serious Play facilitators. We discussed each competence and gave examples of showing these competencies from our own workshops through the Lego Serious Play models that were built.

The 6 core competencies are:

1. Create Collaborative Client Relationships

2. Plan Appropriate Group Processes

3. Create and Sustain a Participatory Environment

4. Guide Group to Appropriate and Useful Outcomes

5. Build and Maintain Professional Knowledge

6. Model Positive Professional Attitude

At the end of the workshop, we made a short video explaining how the participants used the Lego Serious Play bricks to explain the core competencies.


In The Netherlands the chapter ‘IAF Nederland’ offers assessments for facilitators who wish to become ‘Certified Professional Facilitator’ in the Dutch language.

For more information about the 6 core competencies or about how you can apply the Lego Serious Play to your topic/workshop; please contact me at or +31(0)6 10171412

The drawings shown in the picture are from the Facilitation Academy where we offer training for facilitators, e.g. ‘Faciliteren van Professionals‘.

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