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As a certified and experienced facilitator, I facilitate workshops on strategy, project management, creativity and teamwork/personal growth.

I will hand you the tools and methods that are required for a constructive process in order to achieve the goal of the workshop. I bring structure by offering the participants an outline to work from, observe the group dynamics and I make sure that the desired results are achieved within the available time. Therefore, the participants have the opportunity to solely focus on the content of the subject. I look after the process of the workshop, the agenda, the steps that are to be taken, the work methods and the recording of the results.

I facilitate various processes in different industries. My specialism is product development in the food industry but I have had the opportunity to serve many other clients from different areas of expertise (see Customers). I mostly work for multinationals and  therefore am familiar with the structures and cultures of large companies. This is exceptional added value I offer my clients.

HANDy Projectmanagement

Are you about to start a new project?   As your facilitator, I will guide your multi-functional team through the kick-off of this project. During a one or two-day workshop, we identify the goal/targetof the project, the members of the team, determine the stakeholders, the possible risks and action points. And because easy reminders of things […]

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With over 40 creativity techniques, I will facilitate your team in a most creative and effective way to generate ideas during creativity sessions. Ideas for new products or services, marketing plans, solutions on technical issues or cost-savings proposals. In addition, I monitor the selection of ideas and formulate the following steps that need to be […]

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In order to achieve synergy, you will require a well-functioning team. I facilitate workshops where different team members have the opportunity to get to know each other, where there is room for possible conflicts to be resolved and to determine the common goal of the team. We use teambuilding activities and team tests (Belbin) to […]

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Other type of sessions

Other types of sessions are for example Personal Growth, Co-creation, Networking, Strategy, etc. If for example there are changes to a company due to different reasons, such as merger, reorganisation or repositioning, it is impossible to switch over to a complete  new model overnight. During a strategy session, you will first determine the fundamental components, […]

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