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Other type of sessions

Other types of sessions are for example Personal Growth, Co-creation, Networking, Strategy, etc. If for example there are changes to a company due to different reasons, such as merger, reorganisation or repositioning, it is impossible to switch over to a complete  new model overnight. During a strategy session, you will first determine the fundamental components, such as goal, vision and the future course to follow. I ask the necessary questions in order to identify these components and make sure that every participant not only contributes to the process but also listens to what other members have to say.

By applying the right tools in a workshop, we will achieve your desired outcomes.

Below a selection of various types of sessions.

Biocides Conference for Knowledge Network Biocides

At the LEF Future Center Rijkswaterstaat, I facilitated a workshop on Knowledge Network Biocides for 80 participants on the identification of obstacles in innovation of biocides and alternatives to biocides. By providing different theories to the group, we began a discussion amongst the participants. Feedback from the client: “I am very excited about the tangible results from this workshop.”
Special thanks to ‘Visueel Notuleren‘ who created a beautiful magazine with images of the day.

Creating the Innovation Funnel for Barry Callebaut

Nel Mostert facilitated the Global R&D Department of Barry Callebaut in Belgium to run kick-off workshops for their projects and to use project management as a way of leading their innovation projects. This resulted in the need to visualize the projects in an Innovation Funnel. For that purpose MCCIM facilitated writing a document that describes the Barry Callebaut Global R&D Innovation Funnel & Governance. This document now serves as an example for other departments and potentially global Barry Callebaut (2015-2016).


Wargame at Heinz

A team of Heinz representing one of their key Brands, was anticipating the market launch of a product of one of their key competitors. A 2-day workshop was facilitated to achieve competitive analysis, a SWOT analyses of both brands, possible market entry scenario’s, scenario impact matrix, and action planning to counter-act the competitor moves (2015).


Umicore Innovation Award

In 2012 and 2014 Nel Mostert acted as a Jury Member for the global Umicore Innovation Awards for the ‘non technical process improvement’ projects. The award process takes a couple of months and has specific steps, such as: the Project Documentation, a Jury Day with presentations from international teams, jury meetings, scoring instructions, jury votings, and ends with a celebrating Awards Ceremony in Brussels.




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