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In order to achieve synergy, you will require a well-functioning team. I facilitate workshops where different team members have the opportunity to get to know each other, where there is room for possible conflicts to be resolved and to determine the common goal of the team. We use teambuilding activities and team tests (Belbin) to gain insight of the team roles within a team. The details of the programme depend on the issue, the desires and the goals. The options are endless. Read more about my work as certified Belbin Facilitator within a R&D organisation in this article.

Below a selection of various teamwork workshops.

Building straw-bridges to understand work-stress

I facilitated a team during a workshop at LEF Future Center where they built a very strong bridge capable of holding a filled water can. At the same time the metaphor of ‘building bridges together’ gave insights in how work-stress at a department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs can be reduced.


Are you looking for metaphors and active work forms to tackle an issue in your organisation?

Contact me and I gladly lead your team to focused and impactful insights.







Facta non Verba – Commitment and Next Steps

The labour mobility network Facta non Verba took one afternoon defining their commitment to the network and the next steps. Together with Antoinette Middeldorp (together we are called: the Facilitator Diva’s) we facilitated the workshop.

In pairs they shared success stories and summarized these in one-liners/lessons. The team investigated the commitment and insights for work to be done by the Network work. And we took a look at future steps.

Participants found it interactive, insightful and energetic. (2016)



Nationale Nederlanden – Ready for the Future

Antoinette Middeldorp and me (The Facilitator Diva’s) facilitated a team of Nationale Nederlanden during 2 days, where we looked the past, the current and the future of the team in order to be pro-actively Ready for the Future. We used a lot of interactive and playful techniques (timeline, Oprah interview, I need you to …, party!, team characteristics, ‘back to the future’, visioning, etc.) to energize the participants in getting to know each other better and together build a view to the future. (2015)



Teamwork for Unilever R&D Chefmanship

In 2015 (Turkey) and 2016 (The Netherlands) I facilitated the yearly 3-day meeting of Unilever R&D Chefs, guiding them through presentations, discussions, cooking & tasting sessions, and which resulted in an action plan for the next year.





Unilever – Self-reflection team

I facilitated a Unilever team of 5 persons during 1 day to get to know each other better in order to excel in the way the team co-operates. We achieved this through addressing 3 levels:
Team-members ; “What motivates you in your work?”. We used a motivation game that worked really well to find individual and shared motivations, leading to good discussions and better understanding of each other.
The team; “How are we going to work together?”. We used the Belbin test, which showed which teamroles the team members have, and which ones they miss. This clearly revealed the strong and weak points of the team, and how to deal with that.
The Vision; “What is it that we want to achieve as a team?”. We used a ‘vision-exercise’ which resulted in a shared & signed vision.


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