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FQW – A new tool to run a team update

FQW stands for: Facts – Questions –Worries. It is a new tool created by me to facilitate project team update meetings. It allows everybody’s individual input on the most important aspects of the project progress. And while sharing the individual FQW’s the team will learn how to continue the project in an effective way and how to strengthen the team spirit. It gives room to each individual team member and it allows for facts & emotions to be submerged.


The best way to start using the FQW-tool is to say the abbreviation out loud: FQW. Go on! Say: FQW. You will now never forget it because the ‘W-DOUBLE YOU’ specifically emphasizes that it is all about how YOU and how YOU as an individual team member can have a DOUBLE impact on the project by sharing your FQW’s!

How to facilitate this tool?

Step 1:

Give instructions how to use the FQW tool. Explain what FQW stands for:

  • The Facts – are the things that are a fact with respect to the progress of the project.
  • The Questions – are the questions team members have about the progress of the project.
  • The Worries – are the worries team members have or risks they see of what might happen.

All team members receive post-its and are asked to write down (in silence!) their FQWs. While the participants are writing, the facilitator prepares 3 flipcharts: Facts / Questions / Worries. When all participants are ready writing, continue with Step 2.

Step 2:

First the Facts are shared; start with one team member sharing all his/her facts followed by the other team members. Post-its are placed on the flipchart, clustered around themes.


–         We have had 3 team meetings so far

–         We have a new team member

–         We lack figures about X

–         We have planned meetings with 4 stakeholders

Step 3:

The next round is for the Questions. First list all the questions of all the participants. The post-its are clustered around themes. Then decide which questions can be answer now and which questions should be discussed outside the meeting. Then discuss those questions which can be answered in the meeting.


–         How will we progress in the next 2 weeks?

–         Is Mrs X invited yet for our next meeting?

–         Who will take over from John now that he is ill?

–         Where can I find information about X

–         Who can help me with making the Y-overview

Step 4:

The last round is for the Worries. First list all the worries and risks; cluster them around themes.


–         I’m afraid we are losing speed in this project. Will we finish on time??

–         The project leader is too busy with other projects.

–         Will consumers understand this complex product?

–         I don’t have enough available time to spend on this project

The next step is to identify actions to take away the worries or to prevent risks from happening or decide what to do if the risks are happening.


–         I’m afraid we are losing speed in this project. Will we finish on time??

Action: we plan extra time to work on the project next Monday 0900-1700 hrs

–         The project leader is too busy with other projects.

Action: project leader to make sure he focusses on this project

–         Will consumers understand this complex product?

Action: make sure product instructions are clear

Action: ask for help from Communications department

–         I don’t have enough available time to spend on this project

Action: project leader to talk with my superior

Step 5:

The facilitator summarizes the outcome and actions of this meeting. If needed the FQW-post-its and actions can be typed and send out to the team members.


This FQW is a tool for project team updates. It is advised to repeat this tool in every team meeting. The more often you do it, the quicker it gets done.

* In Dutch the abbreviation of FQW may be translated as: FVR – Feiten – Vragen – Risico’s.

Contact me for more questions about this tool or other tools you might need for your team meetings in the area of Project Management, Teambuilding or Creativity. I will make sure each tool will be customized to your team-specific needs.

Nel M. Mostert MScBA

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