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Voedingsmiddelenindustrie: Unilever, Barry Callebaut, Heineken, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Tropicana, DSM, GreenCo Tommies tomaten, Leerdammer Kaas , TIFN TI Food & Nutrition, Dawn Foods International, Hilton Foods Holland, Cargill, Frucor Suntory

Industrie: Total, Deltares, Philips, Fluor, Johnson & Johnson, Akzo Nobel, Umicore, Van Hatten en Blankevoort, Plymovent, Speedlink, Tebodin

Rijksdienst: LEF Future Center Rijkswaterstaat, FIOD Belastindienst, Centraal Plan Bureau, Hoogheemraadschap Delfland, Veiligheidsregio Groningen, RVO, Ministerie van Financiën

Project Management: P2 Project Management, IPMA NL, TenStep

Verzekeringen: Nationale Nederlanden, Verbond van Verzekeraars

Zorg: Erasmus MC Sophia.

Natuur: Wereld Natuur Fonds

Netwerk organisaties: Facta non Verba, Serious Ambtenaar (Serious Request)

Kenniscentra/opleidingen: EIRMA, Syntens Innovatiecentrum, TSM Business School, De Aap van Bilderdijk, Tympaan Instituut , Ed Jansen Communicatie, Bridge2Food, Instituut GAK, NIOO Wageningen, Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Koninklijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten

IT: Skillsource

Consultancy: Tenstep, Scream, Bureau MK, Bureau 5 voor 9, Lego Serious Play

Universiteiten: TU Delft, Maastricht University

Gemeenten: Gemeente Westland, Gemeente Zoetermeer, Gemeente Emmen, Vereniging Nederlandse Gemeenten

Faciliteren: IAF World, Jan Vaessen Facilitation, Antoinette Faciliteert, Het Nieuwe Werkoverleg, Facilitation Academy

Merken-per-20 juli 2016

“Dear Nel, It was a pleasure to meet you. Many thanks for all the explanations and advices that you shared on project management, I’m confident that it will impact positively our journey. Hope to see u again.”

“Highly qualified and experienced with a hint of fun.  Nel creates a positive atmosphere even in situations with tensions or when honest feedback is needed, so that people’s con-tribution always stays constructive. Also I appreciate her ability to judge when the team needs some discussion time, but she will bring the focus back to where we left. Overall I can only say – you are great!”

“As a result of your facilitation:  – The meeting was structured to achieve the desired results.  – All agenda topics were covered while adhering to proposed time allotments.   – The meeting atmosphere created a close team spirit among participants”

“Dedicated, spontaneous, open, flexible, friendly, humoristic, pragmatic, quick, flexible, fun”

“Enthusiasm, creative ideas (and accepting them), very good reporting, very successful feedback of participants, a very good start of a new team”

“You were very pro-active in helping us have all the essentials ready for the meeting.  You were able to judge the mood of the group and make direct the meeting in a manner that continued to keep everyone engaged. Most importantly, you were very down-to-earth in your approach and this made it very comfortable and easy for everyone to have you around”

“I think your contribution was very useful as you helped to give a proper direction to the meeting, you encouraged good discussions on key issues, and you helped capture the key ideas and learning that came out of the meeting”

“Like a true facilitator, you raised incisive questions and did not enter into the discussions! Overall, it was a very effective facilitation”

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