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Facilitation Skills

Learning facilitation skills to enhance your work as a facilitator, consultant, project leader, manager, etc. These skills offer great benefit to anyone working with teams and wanting to get the best out of the teams and its individuals.

As from 2017 I am part of the Facilitation Academy where Henri Haarmans and me deliver the training ‘Facilitation for Professionals‘.This training is very positively rewarded by the participants, see reactions at the Dutch Springest site. Our training ‘Introduction into Facilitation’ is equally positively rewarded.


De Consultants of Steam (Employability communication consultancy) were trained by me and Antoinette Middeldorp (we are the Facilitator Diva’s)  in knowing the difference between expert consultancy advising and objective facilitation of workshop with their customers. Through actively experiencing custom-made consultancy-specific facilitation techniques and learning about the IAF* Facilitator Competencies, the participants of Steam gained insight in how they can deliver workshops where they get the knowledge out of the participants, before they start putting knowledge and advice into the minds of the participants, making the consultancy work more intense and richer.
IAF* = International Association of Facilitators



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