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Creativity training

Creativity as the key source of ideas or as the foundation of your corporate culture.

Insights into the creative culture in your organisation

Within a day, we will map the creative culture of an organisation. This takes place on 4 different levels:

  • personal: the level of creativity per individual team member
  • team: the way an organisation deals with creative ideas
  • process: the opportunities that structures and processes offer to new ideas, the course of new ideas during the process and the reward to its inventor.
  • organisational: the corporate appearance of a company and the perception by other parties

Prior to this course, the participants are required to complete theĀ creativitytest.

Test op deze website de mate van jouw eigen creativiteit en dat van het creatieve klimaat binnen jouw team en organisatie. De resultaten zijn een handig middel om de discussie over creativiteit binnen jouw team en organisatie op te starten.

Read more about this test:

Creativity techniques

During this course, we teach how to generate creative and effective ideas and which creativity techniques can be applied in order to acquire the desired results. This course can be applied to multiple industries. My specialism is product development in the food industry.

Creative Problem Solving

Creative Problem Solving focuses on the process that is needed to come to solutions for specific issues. It offers a practical method, where creativity is used to translate problem definition and idea generation into a tangible plan of action.

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